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Louisiana Nursing Homes Rank Poorly According to State Audit

A new audit released by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor has revealed that Louisiana nursing homes rank among the worst in the nation.

The audit looked at quality measures such as rates of bed sores and use of restraints among the 25,000 elderly and disables people who live in Louisiana nursing homes. The audit determined that the state had high rates of bed sores and use of restraints, along low nursing home staff levels. However, nursing home staffs have a low turnover rate.

Between 2011 and 2013, the nursing homes in the area were cited for more than 7,600 deficiencies; 41 percent of these deficiencies were repeat offenses. According to the audit, Lake Charles Care Centers had the highest number of deficiencies. The most frequently cited problem was a failure to implement residents’ written plans of care. Other deficiencies included issues with sanitation, safety and resident care.

State officials claim that they are looking to provide more community based services in a state where nursing homes have heavily been relied on. Read the full audit here.

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