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LSU Bans Hoverboards Due to Safety Concerns

Concerns over exploding hoverboards have prompted Louisiana State University to ban them from its campus. The self-balancing motorized skateboards, which don’t actually hover, were the most popular Christmas item this year.

The temporary ban at LSU will remain in place until safety regulations are implemented for all hoverboard models.

The student handbook has been revised to include a section banning these self-balancing two wheeled scooters from Greek housing, residence halls and university apartments. Students are advised to leave their hoverboards home when they return to campus from winter break.

LSU officials initiated the ban after meeting with their Risk Management and Safety Board and determined that hoverboards can ignite when charging.

Hoverboard Dangers

Hoverboards, also known as glideboards, hands-free Segways, electric scooters or rideables, started to become popular among young people a few years ago. There are numerous manufacturers and models, with prices ranging from under $300 to over $1,000.

A recent hoverboard fire in Van Nuys, California caused a home to be engulfed in flames. Other hoverboard fires have taken place in Florida, Louisiana and Alabama. An Australian family’s home burned to the ground this week after a hoverboard caught fire when charging for only ten minutes.

Hoverboards are banned from many airlines. Amazon also stopped selling them until safety standards were enacted. California has created special rules regarding hoverboards and road use.

Since batteries can ignite while hoverboards are charged and result in dangerous metal fires, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued warnings about the absence of safety regulations. Many consumers continue to purchase them without knowledge of potential dangers.

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