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Many Drivers Still Engaging in Reckless Driving Habits

Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that 87 percent of drivers have engaged in at least one risky driving behavior in the past month.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that:

  • 1 in 3 drivers have had a family member or friend killed in a car crash
  • 1 in 5 drivers been injured in a car accident that was serious enough for someone to go the hospital

Despite these statistics, drivers surveyed still engaged in reckless driving habits that were putting them in danger.

Among the most reckless driving habits, distracted driving has become one of the most dangerous behaviors in recent years due to increased cell phone usage. This includes texting, emailing and talking while driving. At least 3,000 deaths last year were the result of distracted driving, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Drivers that take their eyes off the road for more than two seconds can actually double their risk of being in a traffic accident.

Drowsy driving is another dangerous behavior that causes 6,400 fatalities each year. Research from AAA revealed that 32 percent of drivers admitted to drowsy driving in the past thirty days.

Drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts continues to claim lives. Seat belt usage can reduce the risk of fatal injuries by more than 45 percent.

Driving while impaired has not only contributed to about 10,000 deaths per year, but has cost the country more than $50 billion per year.

Speeding and running red lights are two of the other major reckless driving habits that have resulted in unnecessary deaths and injuries. About 39 percent of drivers admitted to running a red light within the past month, while 45 percent of drivers admitted to going at least 15 mph over the speed limit in the past month.

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