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National safety group weighs in on workplace injury risks, accidents

We know much about workplace environments at the established Louisiana personal injury law firm of Simien & Simien. The members of our practiced and deep legal team have collectively provided valued and diverse clients with aggressive and effective legal help for decades in the wake of work-linked accidents and injuries.

We prominently note a truism for workers on our firm’s website, namely, that, “Experiencing a serious injury due to a work-related accident can stop your health in its tracks.”

That feared outcome routinely becomes a reality for affected workers in Louisiana and across the country. And in legions of cases, on-the-job injuries are far more common than many people realize.

That begs this obvious question: Just how prevalent are work-linked accidents/injuries, especially those that would flatly never occur absent third-party negligence?

The congressionally chartered nonprofit group National Safety Council has something to say about that. The NSC, which has a mandate to focus upon and promote safety in America’s workplaces, recently released some eye-opening numbers concerning a topic it terms “Workplace Injuries by the Numbers.”

The data are telling, and in a dramatic way. Relevant statistics indicate that an American worker is injured in a workplace incident every seven seconds. Close to 90,000 suffer from adverse on-the-job outcomes each year. Collectively, the linked productivity time that is lost from work injuries exceeds 100 million days annually.

As noted, such information – already inherently tragic – is rendered especially concerning because employees’ workplace injuries are almost always preventable when company safety programs and practices simply stress due care and precautions.

Employees with questions or concerns regarding an on-the-job accident or injury can contact an experienced personal injury legal team for guidance and diligent representation.