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Oil Price Drop Could Decrease Number of Onshore Rigs

In the past month, the price of crude has fallen by about 20 percent. Now, experts are saying that the number of onshore drilling rigs could diminish.

Last week there were a total of 18 rigs drilling for oil onshore, but a year ago there were 26. The low cost of crude can make it more difficult for companies to hit the break-even oil price, meaning they will spend more money drilling while earning less for the oil they obtain.

A lack of drilling could push back an economic boom for residents in Tuscaloosa as the area is thought to hold about 9 billion barrels of oil that could create thousands of jobs. However, the increase in oil exploration also means that many more workers would be put at risk of suffering oilfield injuries.

This past year two Texas men were killed in an industrial accident at a Louisiana drilling rig. According to reports, the two men were killed when components on the rig burst under extreme pressure. Each year, hundreds of workers are injured while working on an oil rig, while some families are left to deal with the aftermath of a fatal oil rig accident.

Additionally, any increase in oil production in the area increases the risk of being exposed to oil field waste, which could harm an individual’s health.

Although oil production is an integral part of Louisiana’s economy, it is also important that oil and gas companies be held accountable for negligent actions that could to injuries and illness. At Simien & Simien, our oilfield contamination lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of those who have suffered due to a careless oil or gas company.