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Pfizer Reports Shows Warnings of Link between Zoloft and Birth Defects

A recently uncovered Pfizer Inc. reports reveals that a scientist warned executives in 2014 about a potential link between popular anti-depressant drug Zoloft, and birth defects. The report goes on to recommend changes to the medication’s safety warning.

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The document from the Pfizer drug-safety official is similar to a 1998 report wherein Pfizer researchers acknowledged the company found more than a dozen side-effect reports about birth defects linked to the mother’s use of Zoloft.

In 2014, Francesca Kolitsopoulous, an associate director in Pfizer’s epidemiology group, wrote in an internal company report that she reviewed published studies showing an association between Zoloft and cardiac malformations.

In Kolisopoulous’ report, she notes that researchers found links between Zoloft, septal heart defects and omphalocele, a birth defect of the abdominal wall. Kolitsopoulous proposed modifying the drug’s warning label as well.

Pfizer is currently facing approximately 1,000 lawsuits alleging that newborns suffered from birth defects as a result of the mother taking Zoloft while pregnant. The first lawsuit went to trial in April, and the company was successful in defending itself. However, the company was told to modify the warning label on the drug to warn consumers about birth defect risks.

The unveiling of this report could make it much more difficult for the company to ward off lawsuits. The company continues to reject insinuations that Zoloft caused birth defects.

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