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Repairs Began on US 1-90 to Resurface Pavement

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development began the 190 project Wednesday, August 14 to resurface a stretch of highway between Mandeville and I-12 on U.S. 190.

The project will patch and repave the asphalt on the highway. It will require nightly lane closures on the heavily-traveled interstate and will cost approximately 8.7 million dollars, lasting until February.

Road work is scheduled from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. in order to lessen the impact on traffic, though traffic accidents are likely because of the construction work.

Construction zone accidents occur due to changes in traffic patterns or narrowed lanes. Additionally, drivers can become impatient with the slower posted speed limits and either speed through the area or tailgate those vehicles who are obeying the lower limits.

Drivers also tend to ignore road workers and machinery, which can sometimes obstruct a portion of the lane they are driving in. Accidents in construction zones can result in severe injury or death to vehicle occupants, roadside workers or both.

If you find yourself traveling along 190 while the resurfacing project is in action, always remember to drive cautiously and defensively to help prevent unnecessary accidents.