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Researchers continue to look for TBI treatments

Whether you suffer a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident, a fall, a work-related accident or through some other catastrophe, you could end up left with lifelong issues as a result of your injury. Medical researchers and doctors still have a lot to learn about this type of injury since the brain remains a mystery even today.

One thing researchers are attempting to do now is find treatments that can help limit the severity of any potential brain damage and prevent death from a TBI. An international study could provide some insight in how to do just that.

Tranexamic acid could be a viable treatment

Tranexamic acid, or TXA, is a relatively inexpensive drug that may help stop bleeding on the brain, which is an issue for those suffering from TBI. Numerous sufferers could continue living relatively normal lives and limit any brain damage by using this medication, which inhibits the breakdown of blood clots. As is the case with many moderate to serious injuries, receiving the appropriate medical intervention within the first hours of a TBI is critical.

The study found that administering TXA within the first three hours of this type of injury reduced the amount of deaths from TBI. Of course, the less severe the injury, the higher a person’s chances are. However, considering that even milder forms of TBI can lead to some lifelong issues, any help is a good thing.

Tranexamic acid has its limits

Even though it may stop bleeding on the brain from getting worse, TXA cannot repair any brain damage resulting from the injury itself. In addition, the drug needs to be administered as quickly as possible because its efficacy drops 10% for every 20 minutes that pass from the time of the injury. However, even with its limitations, this could prove to be a lifesaving treatment for TBI. More than likely, you would take any advantage you can get to increase your chances of survival and recovery.

If you suffer a TBI due to the reckless or negligent actions of another person, you may benefit from this and other treatments. Depending on the severity of your injury, you could face a difficult and lengthy recovery. During that time, you will inevitably sustain significant financial losses for which you can pursue compensation. To increase your odds of receiving all the compensation you deserve, it would only make sense to work with a compassionate and competent Louisiana attorney.