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Some key considerations relevant to a wrongful death matter

Some element of risk always attaches to daily life for busy individuals and families across the United States. The modern world is fast-paced and frenetic, with people always on the go.

Most of us take due care in going about our daily affairs, of course. We are thoughtful with our energies and activities and conscientious of others. We think before we act.

Sadly, though, such prudent conduct is not a universal given. News stories in Louisiana and nationally routinely spotlight tales of an individual’s careless or reckless behavior that adversely affects one or more third parties.

In a worst-case scenario, negligent action is the direct catalyst driving what the law refers to as a wrongful death.

Our designated subject category in today’s Simien & Simien blog post is car accidents, but our proven personal injury attorneys note that negligent behavior spurs wrongful death outcomes in far more than motor vehicle crashes. Our pro-victims’ advocates stress on the firm’s website that wrongful death can also occur in incidents involving workplace accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability (e.g., slip/fall injuries), product liability and many other matters.

The death of a loved one owing to another’s negligence is obviously a life-upending experience that can never be compensated for.

While acknowledging that fact, the law does its best to provide some comfort to affected persons by allowing them to pursue a remedy that can at least make their lives financially easier in the wake of a devastating personal loss.

Taking proactive action often empowers individuals and families. It promotes accountability and sends a strongly deterrent message. Importantly, too, it can secure a maximum recovery that compensates for lost income, pays for medical costs and funeral expenses and promotes future certainty and stability in many additional ways.

Persons with questions or concerns regarding a wrongful death matter or claim can turn for answers to a deeply experienced and compassionate legal team that will be solely focused on their welfare and best interests.