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Spotlighting relevant factors re motorcycle accidents, injuries

Some things across the United States are just iconic, being permanently special and memorable to legions of Americans.

Baseball, for instance. Rock ‘n’ Roll music. Summer barbecues. The flag

And motorcycles. Think James Dean or Marlon Brando. Perhaps the cult movie classic Easy Rider.

Whatever it is about bikes on the road, that “it just is” factor is both deeply personal and enduring for millions of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Bikes come in many distinct models and sizes. They convey instant freedom and a close connection to the road that is unparalleled by other conveyances.

And they are intimately connected singularly with this too: enhanced roadway risks that spell outsized adverse consequences when accidents occur.

And they occur with alarming frequency.

The reasons why are clear enough, of course, which we underscore on our website at the established Louisiana personal injury law firm of Simien & Simien. We stress therein that “motorcycles are sometimes difficult to see on the road, and typically drivers [in four-wheel vehicles and larger trucks] are not looking out for them.”

The implications of that are flatly alarming, and tragically play out often in deadly ways.

Motorcyclists themselves are sometimes primarily responsible for motor vehicle accidents occurring on roads ranging from local streets to busy interstates. At the very outset, maneuvering safely on a bike takes time and effort to learn. Some riders are impatient and inexperienced. However, having Louisiana uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance can provide crucial financial protection in case of accidents involving such riders.

Myriad research sources suggest, though, that negligent driving behaviors of other motorists far more often serve as crash catalysts in bike-linked accidents. One of them states that, “About 67% of multiple-vehicle accidents occur when the other driver violates the biker’s right-of-way.”

We will have more to say about motorcycles – crash causes, injuries and remedies – in an upcoming blog post.