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Study Suggests There is a Link Between the Proximity of Fracking Wells and Birth Defects

A preliminary study on fracking is suggesting that birth defects could be linked to fracking as the rate of babies born with defects was much higher among children born near fracking wells.

Scientists are calling for more research into how hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, impacts the environment and residents living near wells. This preliminary study looked into how fracking can specifically impact pregnancies in those living near wells.

In January, the Colorado School of Public Health published a peer-reviewed paper in which they revealed that an increased rate of congenital heart defects in babies born to mothers living near gas wells in Colorado.

Additionally, scientists found elevated levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in groundwater samples at a town in the center of fracking wells. Many of these chemicals led to infertility and led researchers to believe that residents in the areas could face greater health risks.

Research published in Environmental Health Perspectives notes that babies born to mothers living within one mile of more than 125 wells showed a 30 percent increase in congenital heart defects compared to those with no wells within 10 miles.

Several unpublished studies also link fracking to birth defects, low birth weight and more. Still, scientists believe that further research needs to be completed before a conclusive statement can be made about whether the closeness of these gas wells is the cause of the birth defects and other health problems. Some of the studies did not take into consideration the mother’s behavior and genetics.

Unfortunately, drilling companies in many states are not required to disclose the chemicals they use when freaking, which means it could be difficult for scientists to prove that the chemicals came from drilling operations.

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