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Tangipahoa Parish Launches Service That Gives Deaf Community Better Access to Emergency Services

The Tangipahoa Parish 911 center has announced that they have begun using Smart911, a service that will provide deaf people in Louisiana better access to emergency services.

Anyone can sign up for this program which gives first responders all the information they need to know to help you. Users will create a profile that will include information such as photos of relatives, vehicles and their home, and any disabilities that first responders should know about. The information will only be seen by workers in the 911 system. Your information is stored in our secure facilities and is only made available to 911 when you make an emergency call from a phone tied to your Safety Profile.

Anyone can sign up for Smart911 online by going here.

Smart911 is used by 500 municipalities in 34 states, including Calcasieu, Lafource and Terrebonne Parishes.

In Baton Rouge, the deaf community is fighting for a 911 system that lets them text. According to Fox 44, State Representative Pat Smith is working with state lawmakers to come up with a solution. Currently, four major cellphone providers are working with officials to adopt a text 911 service in the next few years.

In Tangipahoa Parish, the vision is to expand this type of program throughout the state so that everyone can get the help they need.

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