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The long-term impact of serious burn injuries after a crash

If another driver’s negligence resulted in a car accident, you might have life-changing injuries. An example is second and third-degree burns over most of your body. When these injuries occur, you must undergo painful and expensive treatment.

Unfortunately, burn victims will likely experience many other challenges for the remainder of their lives.

Potential ongoing medical complications of burn injuries

Some of the challenges that burn victims may experience in the future and for the rest of their lives include the following:

  • Future medical issues: Burn injuries can increase the development of other diseases like nervous system disorders, anxiety, depression, musculoskeletal ailments, cardiovascular diseases, infections, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Career-related challenges: Burns can result in physical limitations that may require victims to look for a different job. If a person’s job includes a lot of physical work, it may be impossible to perform the duties because of the pain.
  • Limitations to personal and everyday activities: Help may be required for feeding and dressing after severe burn injuries. The pain may be so intense that it is painful to hug others, ride a bicycle and even sleep.
  • Mental health struggles: Lingering pain may be an issue for some burn victims. Painkillers ad therapy can help in some cases; however, even turning and moving may result in pain. Additionally, unexpected reminders of the accident that caused the burns can result in post-traumatic stress disorder.

The challenges you experience after a burn injury will be personal to you and your situation; however, they will likely impact your life in many ways.

Recovery after a burn injury

If you experience a burn injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to recover financial compensation. It is wise to know your legal options to ensure that you get the full amount of recovery you are entitled to receive.