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What causes intersection accidents?

You do not expect to be involved in an accident when you leave to go to work, school or anywhere else. Unfortunately, that happens all too often.

One of the most common locations for serious motor vehicle accidents are is a busy intersection. In fact, it has been reported that over half of all injury-causing or fatal accidents occur near or at intersections. It has also been found that driver error and inattention are some of the most common causes of these accidents.

Recognition and decision errors are common

It’s estimated that 96% of intersection accidents were caused by driver error, with half caused by recognition error. This means failing to pay attention, distractions and not looking before moving through the intersection. Another cause of intersection accidents is decision errors — even if the potential for a collision is recognized, the decision to proceed is still made.

Preventing intersection accidents

While intersection accidents are common, there are steps you can take to help prevent them. Some of the best ways to avoid being involved in an intersection accident include the following:

  • Stay calm behind the wheel
  • Slow down
  • Don’t try to speed through a yellow light or beat upcoming traffic
  • Choose a lane and stay there
  • Be a defensive driver

What to do if you are involved in an intersection accident

If you are involved in an intersection accident caused by another person’s error, you might be able to file a claim to recover compensation. It is essential to ensure you have evidence to show why the other party is at fault, which will help you prove your claim. Good evidence includes pictures that show the area and the locations of the vehicles. Knowing your legal rights and options can help you get the compensation you deserve after an intersection accident.