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What should you do if insurance denies or delays your claim?

People who suffer an injury during a car wreck will expect that they can turn to the insurance company for coverage of their bills. While this usually happens without any issues, there are times when the insurance company may drag its feet. This can put you in a difficult position if you have medical bills and need other medical care.

A car insurance company is in the business of making money, so never think that the insurance company’s employees are on your side. Instead, they often look things over with a fine-tooth comb so they can find reasons for denials. This can also make the claims process take longer.

What happens if the claim is denied?

If you file a claim with the insurance company and it finds that it shouldn’t pay the claim, you’ll receive a denial letter that will name the reason for the denial. This can be anything from the accident occurring during a coverage lapse to insufficient coverage or that the cause of the crash wasn’t a covered incident.

If you receive a denial of a claim, you have the right to appeal the decision. The steps for doing this should be outlined in the denial letter. These cases can often be rather complex, so it’s best to have someone who’s familiar with the process on your side.

What might slow down a claim?

Sometimes, there’s not a clear answer for what may slow down the claim. The insurance adjuster has to go through all the evidence in the case. This will take some time, but it shouldn’t take an extraordinary amount of time. You should be able to receive a decision in a reasonable amount of time.

If you think that the insurance company is taking an unusual amount of time, you can try to check on the claim to see what’s going on with it. Be sure that you keep clear documentation about what’s going on so you can refer to it later if necessary.

When insurance companies deny or delay claims related to personal injury, innocent people can suffer. You may have to take legal action to get the claim paid as it should be. Working with someone familiar with these matters is beneficial.