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Why It Is So Important to Follow Doctor’s Orders After a Car Accident Injury

You have probably heard that it is critical to seek medical care immediately after a car accident. What you may not have heard is how important it is to follow the doctor’s orders and attend follow-up appointments. Viable car accident claims can fall apart when victims do not continue their treatment.

At Simien & Simien, we are committed to pursuing the maximum potential recovery for accident victims. Our experienced Baton Rouge car accident attorneys explain the importance of following your doctor’s orders below.

How Insurers View Victims Who Stop Treatment

When dealing with insurance adjusters, it is important to remember that they work for the insurance company and their goal is to do everything legally possible to deny insurance claims or minimize them. If you stop treatment, insurance adjusters may claim that you are making up your injuries or exaggerating them.

They may question the validity of the claim and argue that if you were really injured, you would follow doctor’s orders and continue treatment, regardless of the personal or financial costs to you. Insurance companies will try to attack your credibility if you stop treatment, so it is important to continue treatment.

Being Proactive with Your Treatment

Being proactive with your treatment can have a direct impact on the viability of your claim. It can help you maximize the value of your claim and prevent the insurance company from devaluing your injuries.

Be sure that you go to all scheduled appointments. If you are unable to make an appointment, make sure to cancel it in order to avoid any records indicating that you were a “no-show” for your appointment. Also, reschedule the appointment as soon as there is an opening so you will receive the care you need. Not following up to take care of your medical needs can make your medical issues worse. This can impact your overall health. Also, insurance companies may argue they should not have to pay for damages that stem from harm you caused yourself.

Inconsistencies in Treatment

If possible, try to avoid any gaps in your treatment. If you have a big gap, insurance companies may try to have you evaluated to determine the extent of your injuries. If you do not seek ongoing medical treatment or miss appointments, these actions can affect your credibility because insurance adjusters or jurors will likely think that if you were experiencing the pain or other symptoms you report, you would want to alleviate them through proper medical care.

If you do have a gap or missed appointments, it is important that you have a legitimate reason for this, such as having an illness that prevented you from following doctor’s orders or making it to your next scheduled appointment, losing insurance coverage or caring for a loved one.

Having a consistent set of medical records that show that you sought treatment after your injury, made complaints to your health care providers about your ongoing symptoms and followed up with your care is the best way to establish the validity of your claim.

Avoiding Activities You Are Told to Avoid

Part of your doctor’s orders may be to avoid doing certain activities, such as exercising, participating in sports, working or participating in other strenuous activity. It is important that you follow orders about avoiding certain activities.

This can help you prevent a re-injury or worsening of your existing injury. It will also improve your credibility and show the insurance adjuster and jury that you care about your health.

If you do an activity you were told not to, it is especially important not to post on social media about it as insurance adjusters are trained to investigate your social media profiles for any evidence that could contradict claims about your injuries.

Contact a Skilled Lawyer for Help with Your Claim

If you were injured in an accident, it is important to take steps to protect your health and claim. The experienced attorneys at Simien & Simien can help you throughout the claims process. We can also handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company.

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