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5 Reasons You Need a Truck Accident Attorney

However, if you want to pursue compensation, you should seriously consider hiring a skilled Louisiana truck accident lawyer to represent you.

Truck accident claims are complicated, as there are often multiple liable parties and forms of compensation victims could be entitled. If you do not have skilled legal representation you might not recover fair compensation for all of the physical, financial and emotional damages you have suffered.

Simien & Simien’s Louisiana truck crash lawyers have many years of combined experience representing truck accident victims. We understand the various aspects of these cases and what it takes to achieve a favorable outcome for our clients.

Here are five ways we can help with your truck crash claim:

Determining liable parties – Truck drivers are not the only ones who can be held liable in a truck collision. Other parties that could also be held liable include:

  • The truck company
  • The truck manufacturer
  • The company leasing the truck
  • The manufacturer of the trailer on the truck
  • The cargo company that loaded the truck
  • The company that services the truck
  • Manufacturers of other parts on the truck
  • Government entities


Truck crash victims are often unaware that more than one party can be held liable. This may cause them to accept the first settlement offer they receive because they do not know they may be entitled to more.

Our truck accident attorneys have handled many cases so we know how to determine all the parties who could potentially be liable for your accident.

Obtaining important evidence – In the discovery process, attorneys from both sides are allowed to request the documentation we need to build a case. However, this is not an advantage unless you have an attorney who knows what documents are needed for your case.

Simien & Simien’s personal injury attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the evidence we need to prove liability. We also know how to apply that knowledge when requesting documents to build your case.

Applying trucking industry regulations – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the trucking industry. There are a variety of FMCSA rules that trucking companies and others in the industry must follow. For example, drivers have to meet certain qualifications and they can only drive a certain number of hours every week.

Your attorney’s knowledge of the hundreds of FMCSA regulations could be the determining factor in the success of your claim.

Determining a legal strategy – There are many ways to pursue compensation for a truck accident, such as a lawsuit, arbitration or mediation.

Our Louisiana truck accident attorneys will carefully review the details of your claim to determine the best course of action. Unlike insurance companies, truck companies or other parties involved in the claim, we are focused exclusively on your best interests.

Identifying all the damages you suffered – Even though truck accidents often cause severe injuries, you may not be fully aware of the true extent of the damages you have suffered.

That is why our attorneys are prepared to request medical documentation to discover the full extent of your injuries and the ways they affect you on a daily basis. This helps us determine all of the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer accident, contact our attorneys for a free, no-obligation legal consultation. If we take your case, you will not owe legal fees unless we obtain a favorable resolution of your case.

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