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Continuing motorcycle focus — catalysts, injuries and remedies

We underscore an obvious though key personal injury point on our website at Simien & Simien, noting therein that, “There are many causes of motorcycle accidents.” Following are just a few commonly recurring catalysts that yield crash outcomes for bikers and their passengers in Louisiana and other states:

  • Distracted drivers (a broad universe, obviously, with motorists’ preoccupation ranging from phones and pets to kids, food and more)
  • Negligent/reckless behind-the-wheel behavior (culprits promoting risk are many, such as speeding, improper signaling, tailgating, excessive lane weaving and road rage)
  • Complex traffic and weather conditions
  • Drivers’ failure to give motorcyclists the same due regard given motorists in other passenger vehicles

The repercussions linked with those above bullet points are, sadly, often dire. We note in a recent firm blog post (please see our March 24 entry) that when third-party negligence or even indifference concerning bikers is on display, events “tragically play out often in deadly ways.”

The injuries that motorcycle riders and their passengers suffer in crashes are often and unsurprisingly serious or deadly. Reportedly, that demographic has a crash-linked mortality rate nearly 30 times higher than is the case for occupants of passenger vehicles. Moreover, it is estimated that the national motorcycle-riding population suffers about 14% of all traffic-related deaths, despite comprising just 3% of the motoring public.

Bikers hurt in crashes often have strong legal rights when bringing personal injury claims against other parties whose negligence caused their injuries.

There is this caveat linked with that: They need to act quickly to file a claim. We duly note at Simien & Simien that “the window to do so is limited” owing to Louisiana’s statute of limitations concerning personal injury damage actions.

We welcome contacts to the firm from individuals seeking information concerning a proactive and vigorous response to a personal injury suffered as the result of negligent third-party behavior.