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National Child Passenger Safety Week Kick-Off in Louisiana

Louisiana State Police and Louisiana Passenger Safety Task Force will be checking the security of child safety seats this Saturday, September 21 in an effort to reduce the number of child injury and fatality numbers in our state and across the country.

The Child Safety Seat Check events come as an answer to those seats that are fastened incorrectly or not used at all, and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that properly used child restrains can reduce the number of child and infant motor vehicle deaths by 71%.

“Reducing fatal and injury crashes remains a top priority”, said Colonel Mike Edmonson, Louisiana State Police Superintendent. “Our children are our future and we need to do everything possible to ensure their safety. There is nothing more horrific than a parent receiving the news of their child’s death in a motor vehicle crash and I encourage every parent to visit one of these events and gain education on the proper way to install their child restraint.”

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