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Risks faced by the men and women who work on onshore oil rigs

No matter what type of job a person has, it is possible he or she could face the risk of injury at work. While every employee could potentially experience an injury while doing his or her job, there are some jobs that come with more risk than others. Onshore oil rig work is a type of job that comes with more risks, and these Louisiana workers may face a higher chance of injury.

If you work on an oil rig, you may know how difficult this type of job is and how demanding it can be. You also know how dangerous it can be and how important it is that you understand how to stay as safe as reasonably possible while at work. A good place to start is to understand the most common sources of accidents and injuries on onshore oil rigs.

What things may place you at risk? 

Every employer has the responsibility of making sure that each employee knows how to do his or her job without the risk of injury. This means you should receive proper training for your specific role and any safety equipment you may need. Some of the most common hazards faced by onshore oil rig workers include the following:

  • One of the most prominent concerns on any type of oil rig is the risk of fire. Obviously, oil and other types of chemicals you may have contact with are highly flammable, and a fire can be devastating.
  • Working on an onshore oil rig may require that you use or be around heavy machinery. This increases the chance of an accident, such as being struck or crushed.
  • Oil rig workers have to work long hours doing taxing jobs. This can be exhausting, and fatigue can be very dangerous. A tired worker is more likely to have an accident or make the wrong decision while on the job.
  • Because of the nature of oil rig work, it is possible you face an increased chance of a fall while on the job. This also includes the chance of an object striking you if it falls from one level to the next.

If you experienced injuries while working on any type of oil rig, you know how important it is to seek a full and fair recovery. While you are dealing with injuries and financial losses, you may not have time to worry about how to get the help you need. It may be beneficial for your situation to seek an assessment of your case with an experienced attorney.