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Takata Airbag Fatalities Reach 11

With the death of a woman and teenager, the latest Takata airbag death toll has now reached 11 deaths in the United States.

Just last week, a Jacksonville resident died after succumbing to fatal injuries caused by a defective airbag deploying in a slow speed crash. The collision occurred in 2014, days prior to the massive Honda recall commencement for Takata airbags. The once active retiree turned quadriplegic sustained grave injuries she could not recover from.

Her family is pursuing justice and believes a defective Takata airbag was the primary reason they lost a beloved family member. They enlisted an attorney’s assistance and will be going to court this August to hold Takata accountable.

A Texas high school senior died last month when her Honda Civic rear-ended a vehicle. Although she was not exceeding the speed limit and was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident, her defective Takata airbag deployed forcefully, sending metal shrapnel into her neck and slicing her carotid artery. The 17-year old died on the scene.

According to Deputy Danny Beckwith from Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office, “Everyone should have walked away from this.” The teen’s vehicle sustained only moderate damage.

Response to Takata Airbag Deaths

After learning of the most recent death, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demanded that automakers work at a 100 percent completion rate to fix vehicles with faulty airbags and do everything within their power to accomplish that goal.

Democratic Senator Bill Nelson responded by proclaiming that automakers need to increase their efforts to fix all affected vehicles before more deaths occur and the current response is ineffective.

As of now, an estimated 24 million vehicles with faulty Takata airbags were recalled by 14 different automakers.

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