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Will technology be the key to stopping distracted driving?

Distracted driving is one of the biggest threats to the safety and well-being of every Louisiana motorist. Most people are aware of the dangers of picking up their phones or engaging in distracting behaviors while driving, but people still believe they can safely multitask. As a result, distraction is now one of the leading causes of car accidents.

Automakers are working to make their vehicles safer than ever, and that means implementing tools that will help keep drivers focused. Through certain types of technology, vehicles will be able to alert drivers to hazards and particularly dangerous behaviors. It’s possible this could help drivers make better choices and reduce distracted driving accidents. However, every driver is still responsible for choices made while operating a vehicle.

New tools, safer vehicles

No matter what tools may come standard in vehicles, it is still impossible for technology to control human behavior. However, distracted drivers are often unaware of how they are driving, and certain types of tech can notify them when they may not be making good choices. Some examples of this include:

  • Lane departure warnings — This technology will alert drivers when they leave their lane or cross the center line. Distracted drivers are more likely to swerve.
  • Lane keeping assist — This technology can actually center a vehicle where it is supposed to be in the lane, using steer correction. It can help a driver avoid a collision.
  • Driver monitoring system — This tool uses cameras and sensors to monitor a driver’s behavior to determine if he or she may be a distracted or tired driver. If so, the vehicle would alert the driver.

These are only a few examples of how technology could change the way people drive in the years to come. With distraction a problem that is likely here to stay thanks to smart phones and in-car infotainment systems, it can help when drivers have tools to help them drive as safely as possible.

Distracted-related accidents

If you are the victim of a distracted driving accident, you have rights. Each driver is liable for the choices he or she makes when they cause harm to another person. As a victim, you could have grounds to seek financial compensation through a civil claim. A thorough investigation of what happened and an evaluation of your case can reveal how you can move forward with the appropriate legal recourse.