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Woman Arrested After Injecting Herself With Heroin Before Crashing Car

Last summer, a 27-year-old woman crashed her car in Baton Rouge on Interstate 10 near the Acadian Thruway exit. Her 4-year-old child was in the backseat, and she was found with a needle in arm.

After the crash, which occurred on June 8, 2015, emergency medical technicians found her unconscious, not breathing and with a needle in her arm. She was brought to the emergency room at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.

Police detectives arrived later to question her and discovered that she was trying to inject heroin into her arm while driving down the thruway. Investigators at the scene of the accident found a small bag of white powder and a hypodermic needle.

The status of the child was not included in the police report.

The woman was just arrested this week on charges of using a controlled dangerous substance with a minor present, possession of Schedule I drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The report did not indicate why police waited so long to arrest her.

This arrest represents an increase in heroin use in Baton Rouge, a part of larger epidemic across the country.

In Baton Rouge, heroin deaths went from five in 2012, to 35 in 2013. And in 2015, there were 24 deaths in just the first half of the year. Nationally, in 2013, deaths due to drug overdoses surpassed auto accident deaths, and over half were caused by heroin and prescription painkillers.

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